Friday, September 26, 2014

21 Months

This is the first monthly photo in our new house.  This last month flew by faster than any month I can remember but it also feels like it lasted FOREVER.  I thought moving would be easy because I've moved a dozen times in my life but I really underestimated what it would be like to move 9 years worth of furniture, care for a toddler, work, and prepare our old house for new owners.  The good news is that we survived and I will never move again unless someone else packs, moves, cleans and unpacks.  I think I'm the one that misses our old house the most but we are quickly building new memories here.  Here are some highlights:
  • Polly LOVES to be outside in our new yard.  She wants to pick up acorns, swing in her tree swing, walk and point out every squirrel.  There are acorns all over our house inside and out.  I found myself actually holding her upside down the other day outside to shake all of the acorns out of her overall pockets.  It was safe and she loved it.
  • She is saying full sentences and thoughts.  She knows everything we say which means I'm trying to tone down some of my favorite cuss words.  We'll see how that goes.  
  • She tells everything that she loves it including the cats aka titty tat, her bear, her blanket and her necklace but the other night I was hugging her before bed and I said, "I love you Polly" and she responded with, "I love you blanket."  Maybe she will move to loving humans soon.  
  • She told me to go away this morning.  She'll make a hilarious teenager some day.  
  • She blesses herself when she sneezes.  
  • We went 20 whole months with no pooping in the bath tub.  That winning streak is over.  
  • She is obsessed with pizza and ice cream.  She is our daughter for sure.  
Ben and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary (11 years including dating) this week and we took our now annual photo under our tree.  Polly was just as hard to photograph as she was last year but at least she always keeps us laughing.  Happy anniversary to us!  

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