Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Year Two

Today we celebrated two years of marriage and we took Polly to our tree where we tied the knot.  Last year we tried so hard to picture what this day would look like with our daughter in tow.  In my imagination she was as sweet as she is in reality but maybe less wiggly.   It is nearly impossible to take a family portrait under a tree with her looking at the camera which is really far away.
We opted for the close up with the forward facing camera because she loves looking at herself the most.  She also loves her Monchichi monkey which I have reluctantly allowed her to have even though it was MY TOY!
Tonight we went out together for the first time since she was born.  We missed her and I felt naked from not carrying a thousand things into a restaurant but it was nice to just be us for two hours.  We talked about things other than Polly for at least a portion of the dinner.  I didn't worry that much about Polly because she was in good hands with my best friend Meri who at this point is a pretty familiar face to her as she will be forever!  I'm feeling like a lucky lady tonight.  What a crazy two years this has been.  

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Alex Talks said...

:) glad to see you're doing well.