Sunday, October 26, 2014

22 Months

What a big kid!  She might just look like me in this pic.  This month flew by but I believe I think, say and feel that every month.  We are all settled into our new house at this point save a few projects here and there.  Here are a few highlights in Polly's world.

  • She loves to be outside.  Everyday as we pull into the drive way she says, "I don't want to go in the house. "  Yes, she says all of those words!!!  
  • She says "that's nice" after she asks you something and you give her an answer.  It hilarious and slightly patronizing.  
  • When Ben sings around the house, Polly asks him to stop yelling.  
  • She was potty trained for about a day and then decided that was a waste of time.  I've never been so excited about a bowel movement in my life as that first time she used the potty.  It made me realize how ridiculous parents really are and I'm one of them.  
  • I learned this month that I need to take a little more time for myself.  That's a really hard thing to do because I feel like I hardly see her between work and sleep so I hate taking time away to see friends or just to be myself.  I'm can't help but feel that I'm just an okay mom, I'm just an okay wife, I'm just an okay employee, and I'm sort of a terrible friend.  I know most of that is ridiculous but it's something that floats around in my mind while I'm trying to be so many things at once. I need to learn to relax.  

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