Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've been too busy to post so I'll have to give some brief updates. First here is a scarf that I had been making for myself out of some left over yarn but when my friend Carolyn came to visit she claimed that I was making it for her and I folded.

Right after Thanksgiving I went to Memphis with Bad Veins. They had one show at Ardent Studio which was really cool since there have been a lot of famous recordings made in that building. Their second show was at the Hitone which apparently used to be the karate studio where Elvis used to take karate. We did go to Graceland and it was pretty depressing to me. I loved Elvis and Elvis movies when I was younger but Graceland was sort of disgusting. It's so commercial and it just doesn't make sense that one person is that famous.

We also went to the STAX Museum which was really cool! That place is filled with so much awesome music history. It made Graceland look like something made up by Hallmark.

I've been working on some Christmas presents that I can't present until after Christmas so hold onto your seats.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Snap!

I've gotten to a point with this painting where I've been working on it for so long that I can't see it anymore. It's mostly finished, there may be a few touch ups here and there but it's time to let it go. I'm not sure it turned out quite how I thought.

I think I'm going to work on small 4x6in. paintings for a while. My goal is to make a total of 130 of them and ultimately have a show. I believe I have about 10 or so completed at this point. This is an example.

I'm hoping that posting this goal will light a fire under me to actually complete all of them. I must also quit giving them away as presents to friends that probably don't want them anyways.

This is my new camera case.

It is fashionable as well as functional. I was having a hard time finding a suitable case for my new camera so I figured that I could just make one and it pleases me very much to make something out of $1.00 worth of felt. I feel like I really pulled one over on "the man" with this one.

P.S. One of my office fish died over the weekend. We had a bathroom funeral where Abi, a co-worker, sang a fine song. The other fish has some sort of fungus which means that I need to go buy medicine for him, let me remind you that I purchased him for .25 cents.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Awesome, Awesomeness

This is the newest addition to my desk. I think this tiny fish tank has improved the quality of life in my office. I actually hope to slowly make my office look just like the fish tank. I'm thinking of starting with the red lamp, that seems like an easy enough find.

I purchased two tiny fish because all of the other fish were too big. They were .25 cents a piece. Their food was $3.99. Apparently they are only sold as food for other fish so I figure that I saved their lives. How nice of me. I've been trying to decide on names for them. I've been thinking of Dwight and Angela from the show The Office but that seems too easy. I need to get to know their personalities I guess.