Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cotton is weird

Last weekend I went home to South Carolina to meet my new nephew. He is so tiny and adorable. I'm pretty sure he may be blind after the about of pictures that I took of him with my new camera. Bad Veins went to NYC while I was in S.C. and Ben took the camera with him so the logical thing for me to do what buy myself a new one. I had very big ambitions to make Westley tons of presents but my new job has been taking up a lot of my time. I did get to finish a few things.

My favorite has to be the fire hydrant. It didn't turn out as cartoon like as I had hoped but it still cute and made with cheesy.

I also made him a few onesies
that are way too big for him but he'll grow into them.
My sisters house is right next to a cotton field, I didn't realize has funny that is until going home to South Carolina this time and realizing that we don't grow cotton in Ohio. Cotton really did look sort of silly to me this time through the eyes of a "northerner", it looks like something that Dr. Seuss would make up.
Here is one more adorable picture. He is just so damn cute. I went to Babies R Us with my sister for what felt like an eternity. I sat in the rocking chairs watching all of these babies go by and frankly a lot of them just were not cute. Westley on the other hand is adorable. Just look at him.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hat Update

One of my first posts was about this hat. It was my very first hat and it turned out to be much bigger then I had expected. Sarah was kind enough to send me this updated picture of Carly. She has grown into it a bit but she'll probably still be wearing it when she is four.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

My new NEPHEW!!!!

My family has never felt so far away as it did today. It will be a long 10 days until I get to finally meet my new nephew Westley. I have many projects in the works to keep me busy. His early arrival has given me a good kick in the pants. He is named after my grandfather Charles Wesley Middleton, but when my sister called my mom to ask her how to spell it my mom told her that it's spelled with a T. I thought this was wrong and it turned out that it is actally spelled wrong on my mother's birth certificate. My sister went with Westley anyways. So...he is sort of named after my grandfather.