Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy Week!

First a friend at work is having a baby girl in a few weeks and I started a hat for her last weekend but before I knew it Friday, baby shower day, was fast approaching. Thursday night I finished the hat and started bunny #2. The hat turned out big...I can never win with this pattern.

I took the monkey pattern and altered it a little because I liked how the body was all one piece. I feel like she didn't turn out smiley enough so I told the mother that it was okay to hide her if she thought it would scare the baby.

Then I had to finish up two towels on Friday and Saturday which were a wedding gift for my friends Rick and Ellen. I took the pictures in a rush so they turned out terrible. Booooooo. I used patterns from Sublime Stitching. I'm going to swear them off soon and make my own I promise!

Oh yeah, my interview monkey was very lucky!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Interview Monkey

I'm so excited about how cute he is. I made him on Thursday night the night before my interview for an internal position at Girl Scouts. I gave him a tie for the interview and took him to work with me. He was very professional, but would not answer my phone for me or bring me tea. Making these little guys could become an addiction.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scarf and more importantly BUNNY!!!!

First of all I finished a scarf for my friends birthday. It looks a lot like the other scarf but the color is a little greener and I've perfected fringe. Now onto bigger and better things.

Well, actually it's smaller. I was in a book store on Saturday waiting for my glasses to be ready at the eye doctor and I came a cross The Cute Book that one of my favorite blogs has used to make really cute monkeys. Since the whole world seems to be deciding to have babies I thought it might be fun to try my hand at making some stuffed animals.

I went to the fabric store to purchase all of my materials and I only spent $16 plus I bought some more yarn for a baby hat. Since I've never sewn I thought it would be harder but it was really easy and fun.

It's not perfect(you can see the thread through the face) but I adore her. It is the most girlie thing that I have ever made and I love it. I think it's so cute it's disgusting. I want to figure out how to make a felt elephant and a fire hydrant for my sister who is about to pop any day now. I'm addicted to these little critters. You will be seeing more very very soon. I need to name her. Any ideas?

Monday, September 10, 2007


I've been a very bad blogger lately but life has been very busy. Last weekend I went to New York with the nearly famous Bad Veins. I started the trip with a lot of ambition to take lots for pictures for an exciting blog post. I started off strong in the first day and then ended up only taking about ten pictures.

I did get to start a new project during the drive that looks a lot like the project that I just finished...I promise it's a different one.

I also happened upon this fine use of stickers. I just really admire the person that had such vision and drive to place all of the stickers on this advertisement. Most tourists in NYC take pictures of the Statue of Liberty...not me!!!

Bad Veins did have two good shows. This picture was taken at Union Hall. This room looks all cozy with the old wallpaper and the floral decor. They also played the Mercury Lounge but I slacked on my picture duties there.

Finally I found some graffiti by one of my favorite graffiti artists on the last day. We were eating in this diner in Williamsburg(where all of the hipsters go to die) and I looked out the window and there they were, two Os Gemeos figures. Os Gemeos is actually Portuguese for The Twins and they are identical twin brothers. They are from Brazil but their work is everywhere. There is actually a mural here in Northside by them. I will take a picture soon and post it. These are worn a bit but you can get the picture.