Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pizza Cake

It truly feels like I just posted the last Polly update.  Time is going so fast between work, stealing moments to enjoy spring, and chasing this crazy little lady around with a growing baby belly.  I usually have a note open on my phone that I write funny little things that she has said over the last month and there was only one thing that I have down:

She's really exploring her boundaries and experimenting with listening or better yet, not listening.  After a back and forth exchange with her about doing something she didn't want to do she yelled, "walk away, you're not in my life, this is closed!"  Again I find myself wondering what in the world will come out of her mouth in the teenage years.  Here are a few other highlights from the month:

  • The web of night time routine that she weaves is constantly evolving.  Right before bed she is hungry, thirsty and transforms into half sloth, half human.  She has developed a kiss routine that has grown to include a regular kiss, an eskimo kiss, a butterfly kiss.  Just added this week we have the forehead kiss which consists of her banging her forehead against mine and then the grand finale where we kiss one another on the nose.  Last night she tried to add me doing the routine with Bear before turning off the light but I declined.  I could hear her high pitched voice, which is her voice for Bear, fake crying as I went down stairs.  
  • When given the choice between most restaurants and Indian food, she will always pick Indian food.  The pizza option can throw her for a loop though.  
  • She has been talking a lot lately about wanting to make a pizza cake.  She describes it as having sauce on the inside and frosting, strawberries and cheese on the outside.  
  • She got me a bear for my birthday.  The bear I've slept with for the last 20+ years finally lost both of it's legs this month.  She named it Mommy Bear or Chris.  
  • All of this is cute and funny and sweet but this year so far has been hard.  Work has been a challenge and I feel tired a lot which is tough when you have an eager little lady ready to play all the time.  I'm so lucky and I know that but that doesn't make it easier or make me feel less guilty for wanting some quiet, alone time.  I try to remind myself that this time is passing so quickly and there will be a time in my future when the world is still and quiet around me and I will probably hate it.  I've been trying to focus more on appreciating the simplicity of one before there are two little ladies with hilarious bedtime routines.  

Monday, March 14, 2016

Girl Parts - Part II

We are getting ready for another baby in our house and it's quite amazing how different the second time is and how guilty I feel about how little I've posted about this baby in comparison to our prep for Polly to arrive.  Today we found out that we are having another little girl and things are starting to settle in that our family of three is about to become four in 20 weeks.  Sisters!  That makes my heart melt.  My sister and I are so different but I love having a sister and I can't wait for my girls (MY GIRLS!) to have that too.  If the coming 20 weeks pass as fast as the past 20 weeks have then she will be here basically tomorrow.  I wonder how different they will be.  This baby girl is already facing the right way which Polly never did.  Maybe there is a natural childbirth in my future after all.

Polly couldn't be more excited about her baby sister.  She has said from day one that it was a girl.  She would never entertain the fact that it could be a boy.  She also wants to name her Aika.  I'm making up the spelling because I have NO idea where that comes from but she's insisted that's her name for months.

What will we name this little girl? How will she change our little family? We don't know but we can't wait to see what happens.  20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go!

Also, I feel huge already!!!