Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Not As Lazy As I Think I Am

I'm back to report my goals because without a plan I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be January 2009. No witty intro, I'm just diving in to the list that I've been making over the last two weeks...
1. Learn to use my sewing machine...I can actually report out on progress on this one already. I got the sewing machine out of the box, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and figured out how to thread it, bobbin and all. Once it was threaded, two hours later, I didn't know what to do with myself since I had no other sewing supplies, no fabric etc. I went rummaging through my closet and found a pair of size 7 pants that won't make it past my knees. They seemed like a perfect sewing experiment so I simply cut the leg off and sewed it shut on one end. I was so shocked and excited that it worked.
2. Buy more gifts for people on ETSY. This site is truly amazing and beats store bought gifts any day.
3. Post things on Etsy to sell by next holiday season. If I make more art I will have to buy a new house. I have progress on this one too! I set up an account last week!
4. Blog at least once a week...starting now.
5. Complete 100 4x6 paintings, stop giving them away. These are a few that I made before Christmas. 86 paintings to go.

6. Have a show with above paintings and sell remaining paintings on Etsy.
7. Claim a crafting corner in my house. Man...this is seeming impossible but I actually have made progress here too. Ben and I had a tenant living in our attic for a few months who moved out this weekend. We didn't hesitate to reclaim our space within hours. Ben went from using only one room in the attic for music to two so it seemed only natural that I get two rooms too. I paint in the dirty dark basement which is perfect for painting but my craftiness needs a cleaner place so I took over the extra bedroom. This is picture shows the beginning of it. Oscar likes to take my seat.

8. Start making Christmas presents in August since I still have presents that need to be gifted and many more presents that I wanted to make but never had time.
9. Treat my backyard with the loving care with which I treat my front yard. I always neglect the back and spend all of my flower money on the front. This year the front yard should be in good shape after three summers of planting bulbs so it's time to give a little tlc to the back.
10. Finish painting our looks newly painted from the front...the sides...not so much.
11. Save money to buy a Macbook. This may be the hardest goal of all since I suck at saving what extra spending money I have and IKEA opens on March 12th. Yikes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Holy Hell It's January!

This blog post was supposed to happen a long time ago but the holidays and this new position of mine have sucked all of my spare time so I've decided that I need to make a list of goals for this year to make sure this doesn't keep happening. I generally hate New Years resolutions so I decided to make goals. That's different right? Before I commit the list I'd like to finally show of some projects that I finished over the holidays. There are more to come but unfortunately I just finished a few and have not given them to their new owners...yes...I know the date.

The first projects are gift card holders that I made for some of my co-workers. They were really fun and added a personal touch to the impersonal gift card.

This is my standard baby hat which, of course, turned out too big despite my efforts to make it smaller. Luckily my nephew has a pretty big head and looks really cute in over sized hats.
I seem to be out of shape and have grown tired of writing this post. My first goal of the new year is to post my goals for the new year before the end of the week.