Tuesday, August 26, 2014

20 Months

Look at that little kid!  She's growing too fast and getting too smart.  It's absolutely crazy.  This picture is the last picture that we will take on her monthly day in this house.  No more green wall, no more corner.  SO the latest news in our house is that we put our house on the market less than a month ago and it sold in 5 days.  This time next month we will no longer be in this house, the house where we've lived for 9 years.  I stood on this front porch in my wedding dress waiting for my soon to be husband to pick me up. This is where I found out that I was pregnant and where we cuddled a new born baby in the cold winter months.  In this house she learned to walk and talk and defy us.  It makes me so sad that she will not remember this place because this is where I became her mom; where over 9 years I really became myself.  We've made so many friends who live right here.  BUT, I feel excited that she will probably grow up in our next house and that no matter where we are, our little family is really home.  With all of these changes this last month has been interesting for sure.  Here are some highlights.

  • The week that our house went on the market we had over a dozen showings and then Polly came down with hand, foot and mouth.  That was awesome.  High fever, keeping a house perfectly clean with a sick baby and two cats is enough to make you crazy.  I would have given the house away at the end of the week if we hadn't gotten a few offers.
  • Her language continues to grow each day but sometimes she gets confused about what words mean.  Right now when she hits her own head or hurts herself she rubs the sore spot and looks at me and says in the tiniest sad voice, "sorry."  It's so damn cute.
  • I'm not sure many people would describe me as patient but I am very proud of myself each morning as I let her navigate 12 concrete stairs that lead to the car from our house because she refuses to let me carry her.  She has to point out every ant, butterfly and flower on the way and I just make myself slow down and watch her explore.  That usually lasts until about step 6 and then I lose my patience and pick her up and fly her to the car.  I'm still growing.   
  • Just tonight we had another pee/slip and slide incident in her bedroom right before bath time.  Of course the mop and everything was at the new house along with my husbands extra set of hands.  Fun times.  I just heard her from the other room say, "water!" and I knew what had happened.  
  • She's obsessed with dandelions.  Now that they are starting to fade, she can still spot the only dandelion within 300 yards and beg for it.  She's also learned the word please and how to use it in the most adorable, manipulative kind of way.
  • We keep a basketball and a football in the floor board of the car.  Polly can see them rolling back and forth which causes her to talk about daddy's balls a lot when we drive around.  I guess I'm not mature enough not to find that hysterical every time.  

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