Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy Week!

First a friend at work is having a baby girl in a few weeks and I started a hat for her last weekend but before I knew it Friday, baby shower day, was fast approaching. Thursday night I finished the hat and started bunny #2. The hat turned out big...I can never win with this pattern.

I took the monkey pattern and altered it a little because I liked how the body was all one piece. I feel like she didn't turn out smiley enough so I told the mother that it was okay to hide her if she thought it would scare the baby.

Then I had to finish up two towels on Friday and Saturday which were a wedding gift for my friends Rick and Ellen. I took the pictures in a rush so they turned out terrible. Booooooo. I used patterns from Sublime Stitching. I'm going to swear them off soon and make my own I promise!

Oh yeah, my interview monkey was very lucky!!!


brooke t. higgins said...

You are super crafty. I love all your stuff! And congratulations on your successful interview! Go interview monkey. :)

Anonymous said...

Try using smaller needles next time:)