Saturday, December 26, 2015

P is Three

I can't believe my baby is three years old!  I'm thankful she still lets me rock her before bedtime after we read a few books.  Tonight I was very aware of the fact that those days are numbered and it made me cry a bit.  She won't even let me walk with her to get in bed because she wants to do it herself.  The will is strong with this one. While I know that is going to server her well one day, she can drive me insane when she sets her mind to defy me.  Here are a few highlights from this month:

  • She calls tears "crying water".  
  • She has declared that she hates vegetables and I'm convinced daily that she's going to starve.  If  I would let her, she'd live on cheese and crackers.  The other day when snack time arrived I offered her fruit, she said, "NO! I want a good snack out of the brown cabinet."  That's where we keep the crackers.  The sacred crackers!
  • I'm still amazed by how I'm biologically predisposed to love her face.  I JUST LOVE HER LITTLE FACE SO DANG MUCH!
  • She thinks all of our close friends are our cousins.  
  • When she wants something from either her dad or I and one of us says no, she goes to the other.  I didn't expect this to start so early.  Luckily we are a good team.
  • She is experimenting with yelling and pitching fits and it's all I can do not to laugh at her sometimes.  She can be so tiny and angry it's just hilarious...sometimes.
  • Her favorite Christmas present was a stretchy caterpillar that cost $2.14 and her favorite birthday present was blue Play Dough that was an extra party favor.  We really could have saved ourselves a lot of money and time here.  
  • The face in the picture above is the face she gives when she's trying to get something out of you like chocolate.  We see it often and it puzzles me how she learns to cut her little eyes and turn her little head to try to get what she wants.  WHERE DOES THAT COME FROM!?!  
  • While visiting my home state last week we stopped to visit my childhood best friend and her family.  I bought her daughters, much to her dismay, the slime that makes farting noises when you stick it back in the container thinking I want her daughters to remember me.  It was all fun and games except Polly is really into "toot" jokes now and really enjoyed stinking up the bathtub tonight.  The joke is on me now Sarah.  :)  

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