Tuesday, January 26, 2016

She Has Things To Say...

This month this kid has made me laugh until I cried and she's made me have to put myself in time out because she's tested every ounce of patience that I have.  One day Ben texted me at 10:30 in the morning to say Polly hadn't stopped talking since I left for work.  That pretty much sums up this month.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Today she visited the preschool class in prep for starting preschool next week.  The change doesn't even phase her.  In this way, she is a very easy child.  When I picked her up today she introduced me to her teacher using my first name.  "My mommy's name is Chris."  My kid has better social skills than I do.
  • To Ben after his hair cut. Polly: Daddy your hair looks silly when you take haircuts.  Ben: You don't like it?  Polly: no, it's silly when you take haircuts.  
  • While driving her home from school one day I was trying to talk to her about her day but she instead asked me to turn the music up.  I've always hated the term threenager until Polly turned three and began acting like a teenager.  
  • We often have dance parties or pretend to be at dance class but sometimes she won't let us participate, she just wants us to sit on the couch and watch.  
  • I've been trying to explain pregnancy to Polly over the last several months pointing out pregnant women we know or pictures or women with babies in their bellies.  A few weeks ago she was studying my waistline and asked me out of the blue, "mommy, do you have a baby in your shirt."  Stunned into silence I didn't know what to say and she pressed on with an excited smile on her face, "do you?"  Lucky for me I do have a baby in my shirt but I thought I could get away with a few more weeks of not telling anyone.  Surely I wasn't fooling anyone at work if my three year old busts me out at 10 weeks.  The body isn't as forgiving with the second I've come to realize.  So there you have it, Polly is going to be a big sister.  She couldn't be more excited.  
  • The above new information has lead to SEVERAL hilarious things coming out of her mouth including her immediately asking if she could see it which she asked for several days in a row until she began to realize it is going to take a while.  13 weeks and counting!  
  • She also likes to talk about how it's going to POP out!  I have no idea where that comes from in her little mind.  I hope it pops out easily.  
  • She starts sentences about the baby with, "when MY baby gets here..."
  • She also said that when the baby pops out its mommy will come.  I had to explain that I'll be its mommy.  "But you're MY mommy," Polly says.  I thought we were in for it but after sleeping on it for a night, she was cool with it.  
  • Sometimes she'll be doing something like watching a short TV program and she'll say, "Maybe my baby can share my lean back chair (bean bag chair) with me."  That makes my heart explode.  We are all trying to imaging what this change will be like for us.  She even thinks she will finally learn to share when the baby comes.  Magic.  
  • While eating dinner the other day she said, "when you eat the baby gets dirty".  I nearly shot food out of my nose thinking about her thinking about the baby all mixed up in my belly with the food I'd just eaten.  We discussed anatomy for a bit.  
  • It's hard to imagine that I will feel this big love for another one but everyone says I will.  I'm going to trust them but for the next few months I'm going to try to really enjoy our family of three until we become four at the end of July.  
  • I'm so lucky to know Polly.  

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