Thursday, November 26, 2015

Almost Three!

Today is Thanksgiving which seems like the perfect day for Polly's monthly picture because we have a lot to be thankful for around here.  I swear she smiles all the time but she loves torturing us with protesting these photos.  I'm thankful for her willpower and:

  • everything really.  The events happening around the world these days are hard to comprehend when you have such innocence surrounding you in the form of a smart, funny, stubborn, curious little girl.  I hate that she will have to understand more of the world some day but I'm extremely grateful that we are lucky enough to get to protect her from it a little longer.  At least I hope that's true.  
  • I'm thankful for all of the friends and family that we have around us who love Polly SO much.  They are all so different and that is vital to who she will be when she grows up.  
  • I'm thankful for a little girl who while sitting in a quiet Graeter's Ice-cream shop exclaims loudly, "poop is brown and so is chocolate ice-cream!
  • having a kid who's only experience with eyepatches is in reference to pirates.  We are so sorry to the gentleman at the pizza restaurant that she spotted, pointed to and yelled with excitement,"there's a pirate!"
  • I'm thankful for the excitement Polly had today when she pooped AND peed in the potty at Great Grandma's house.  She ran into the kitchen and announced to everyone, "I just did a BIG poop!"  Luckily it was dish time, not dinner time.  To her credit, it is still astonishing to me how much poop can come out of a tiny person that seems to barely eat anything.  She clogged the toilet a few weeks ago.  No joke.  She's only three feet tall.  
  • I'm thankful for so many people out there who give so much to others.  The new year is coming and while I give a lot through my work and through small charitable donations, I'd like to find new ways to give where I can include Polly.  I want her growing up in a world where she's not just living in a bubble or complaining about the way things are.  I want her to know that she can do things to make a difference in the world around her.  
  • I'm really thankful for my husband who is an awesome dad and he keeps me laughing and learning 12 years later.  Even when he gets on my nerves I still love him to pieces.  I can't wait to see what the next 12 years bring.  I'm so afraid of the speed that time moves these days.  I want it all to slow down but I do try to take the time to stop and be thankful each day.  Growing up I don't know why but I didn't think I'd have all of this.  Life is not perfect or without hurt and heartache but I'm thankful for that too. 
  • I'm thankful for having too many things to list.  

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