Wednesday, November 26, 2014

23 Months

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more thankful for getting to spend this week away from work, hanging out with this kid.  Here are a few thoughts about this month:

  • This month she really is just a kid.  There is hardly any baby left in there.  The last two days have been mommy/daughter days and we are starting to have straight up conversations.
  • She loves accomplishing something and yelling, "I DID IT!".
  • She has her way of doing things.  In the morning she hates it when one of us is still in bed after the other gets her out of her bed.  She refuses to come into our bedroom, she wants to get down to playing immediately.  No time for laziness.  
  • I'm proud of how independent she is.  I've had to go out of town twice over the last two months for work and she's done great!  Technology bridges the gap and it helps that she has a great dad and babysitter that she loves.  
  • Being a passionate working mom with other interests outside of work is really hard.  I constantly feel guilty either about work, projects or Polly.  In the new year, I'm going to really focus on giving myself a break.  Not that I'll slack in any of my priorities but I need to be okay with things just being okay sometimes.  I want things to be perfect all too often.  
  • I laugh inside when Polly says things to strangers like, "don't touch me" or "walk away".  I just love seeing her assert herself and her boundaries.  I hope she never loses that but perhaps is a little more polite unless the situation calls for yelling.  

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