Friday, December 26, 2014

2 Years Old

We have a two year old.  Really?  It's really hard to believe our little baby turned two today.  I had a little party all planned out with party favors and all and then I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a train.  We decided to cancel instead of risking infecting guests and I could barely move to bake the chocolate cake or run last minute errands.  Little Polly didn't seem to mind or notice any difference.  Ben went and bought her a balloon, a cupcake, and some DayQuil for mom.   We put her big number two candle on her little tiny cupcake and when we came into the dining room singing her happy birthday she had the sweetest little grin on her face that I'll never forget.  Now that she's two I guess we'll have to decide if we are still going to take a monthly picture, I guess we'll see.  The NyQuil is starting to kick in so I better get on with this months highlights or who knows what will happen.

  • Tomorrow Polly is going to be confused by why she doesn't get presents.
  • She really started to understand Santa this year.  Her first request was a screwdriver.  We have a small cute little stuffed Santa and she sweetly asked him to bring one to her one night and Ben and I almost fell over.  Her request later grew to a screwdriver, chocolates, and books.  She got all of these and then some.
  • Christmas is so damn fun again.  Ben and I used to do a good job of making Christmas fun for one another but nothing compares to watching her discover her new books and tools.  
  • The only way we got the pic above was with chocolate.  She was refusing to have her picture taken and I was too tired to be patent so I gave her chocolate and immediately regretted it because just look at her.  Just like that you create a chocolate monster and I don't really like bribery as a motivator so that was it!
  • I cannot get this child to eat vegetables regularly.  Any suggestions out there?  It really stresses me out.
  • She likes to sing and "play the piano".  She really likes to be accompanied by a guitar. Her songs include great hits like, "I'm Singing", or "We're Both Singing" where she just says these words over and over again while hitting the keys.  The other day I found her playing piano with a purple crayon.  That didn't go over well.
  • She's been sick twice this month and has formed a habit of wanting me to rock her in her chair in the middle of the night and right before bedtime.  She specifically needs her blanket wrapped around her,  baby bear, little lamb and bear.  I don't mind because I know it's not going to last forever.
  • She's starting to pretend to read books to me and her versions of books are my favorite because she skips and adds words that crack me up.  Her most recent version of Good Night Moon included, "Good night kittens, good night dogs."  There are not dogs in the book.  
  • NyQuil is really setting in sooooooo good night nobody, good night mushhhhh.

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