Sunday, July 27, 2014

19 Months Old Yesterday

Ok, so we are a day late but it's because Polly was too busy doing this...
and this...

instead of this...
We took a quick weekend trip with a few friends.  Summer is a very busy time for me at work and we have been doing a lot of home improvement these days around the house.  We all deserved some fun even if it was brief.  Here are a few highlights from this busy month.

  • It's summer and sometimes I forget to stop and enjoy it.  A few weekends ago we bought Polly a baby pool for some backyard fun.  We put her in a swim diaper and her cute little bathing suit and we played.  I enjoyed soaking my feet in the pool and she had fun trying to empty the entire pool one tiny cup at a time.  Then I notice the water getting sort of murky but I thought, well maybe it's all of the yard debris that Ben was stirring up from clipping the limbs around us.  Then all of a sudden I remembered that babies poop and that I was probably soaking my feet in poop water.  Sure enough, I look into the back of her swim diaper and poop water comes gushing out.  So our fun summer pool time turned into, hose your naked baby down in the backyard time.  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what a swim diaper is designed to do.  
  • As you can see from above, we went boating and Polly loved it.  She did so well until she got really tired and I can already tell she is a little thrill-seeker.  She loves water and has to point it out every time she sees it which is cute when you're on a walk but a little exhausting when you're on a giant lake.  "Water! Look! Water!" Ok, it was still cute.  
  • She is still obsessed with books and she can now name her favorites including, in her words: No No Cat (Cat in the Hat), Brown Bear (pretty obvious), Pop Pop Pop (Hop on Pop), and Bunny (I Am a Bunny).  
  • When she wants me to hold her she looks at me and says, "Hold you!" and it makes me die every time.  

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