Thursday, June 26, 2014

18 Months

These pictures are getting harder and harder.  This little lady of ours sure has a mind of her own and she is terrible at being still.  Today she NEEDED her water and would not put it down.  Here are some thoughts from this month.  
  • Dance.  This is one of her first and last words of each day.  It's super cute but her timing is usually when we are both dead tired and her version of dancing is us holding her while we do all of the dancing and she claps and yells, "Weeeeeeeeee" and "SPIN".  
  • She talks to herself for about an hour before going to bed. Right now I can hear her saying, "Yaaaaaaaaay!"  Wait, now she's talking about her duck.
  • She MUST sleep with her bear, moose, monkey and blanket.  She's been trying to add the duck to the mix but I've managed to convince her that she sleeps on the dresser instead.  
  • She hates eggs.  She can find them in any food, spit them out and hand them to me.  It's an art.  
  • She thinks all babies are named Simon because our friends Kevin and Amy have a new baby boy named Simon.  
  • I left Polly for the first time this month for a work trip while Ben was out of town too and his mom kept her for three days.  Polly is just at that age where I don't really know what she understands but she knew something was up when I started gathering stuff at the door.  She started crying and saying, "mommy, mommy, mommy" and I started crying too.  It was the worst.  I cried my way to the airport and called a lot.  Once the initial part was over though, it was nice to have some time to myself.  It reminded me that I need to make sure to carve out more alone time when I can.  
  • I just heard her say, "thank you".  She has been in bed for an hour an fifteen minutes.  

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