Monday, May 26, 2014

17 Months

My baby is a kid.  Look at her.  Usually there are 20 or so takes of her monthly picture just to get her to look at the camera but today after a few struggles she scooted to the edge of her seat and smiled just before trying to eat the back of the chair.  This is definitely one of my favorites.  This last month has been one of the most challenging so far with trying to find that work, family, and self balance.  Here are a few updates:
  • I've finally dropped one of the balls that I've been juggling between work, family, side projects, and my sanity.  It was my sanity that hit the ground.  This month's list of updates has a mini list included called, THERE IS SUCH A THING AS MOM BRAIN!:  
    • Ben, Polly and I went to dinner one night after work.  We left the house, drove around trying to figure out what we wanted to eat, settled on a location and enjoyed our meal.  As I was scooting out of the booth to leave I looked down to discover that I was still wearing my house slippers.  I laughed so hard I couldn't even tell Ben what I was laughing at until we made it to the front door.  Some people wear pajamas and slippers in public all the time.  I am not one of them.  
    • Cincinnati weather can change from winter to summer in a day.  I woke up one day to a warm  90 degree day head and decided to shave my legs and bust out a dress to wear.  This is an exciting moment in the season change here for all women however while getting dressed after my morning shower I realized that I'd only shaved one leg.  Sometimes you can get away with that but not after this LONG winter. 
    • I bought my mom a mother's day card and found one for my sister.  I felt so great sending my sister a sweet card only to find out days later that I'd mailed my sister's card to my mom and my mom's card to my sister.  There's always next year.  
    • I've been driving around with an expired license since my birthday in March.  A postcard came in the mail saying that it was expired.  When I read the front side of the card my mind immediately went to, "BEN, you've been driving around on an expired license since August!!@#$@!" only to flip it over and see that it was addressed to me.  I'm all squared away but I have no idea how long it would have taken me to realize without that postcard.  
  • Polly is a daredevil.  She now likes to find the most dangerous way to do anything.  Today she tried riding her rocking horse while standing.  Our house has never seemed so terrifying to me.  It's super fun.  I've found myself wondering if/when we make our first emergency room run, do you put your screaming kid into their carseat or just hold them and hope for the best?  
  • Along with the daredevil stuff it's now clear to me that my house will never be child proof.  She can reach almost anything now.  That sweet spot at the center of the kitchen table where we keep all things she's not supposed to get to is no longer sacred.  Nothing is safe.  NOTHING!
  • Her language continues to explode.  I'm so glad that she finally can say, "help" instead of just grunting at me to do something for her.  It's coming in handy when she can't get down from something she has scaled.  You can just hear her from the other room saying, "help, help" in the cutest voice.  
  • She's obsessed with coloring.  It's the new bubbles in our house and you must color with her.  MUST!  
  • My mom and step-father have been visiting these last few days.  It makes me wonder about all of the things that I hope I get to see Polly do in her life.  I've never been so aware of the fact that we live in such a scary and wonderful world as I am now that Polly is here.  It's hard to sort through it all as a parent but I find that I just try to really enjoy her and be the best parent I can be as long as I'm allowed to.  
  • Oh, she also tells me when she poops which is sort of helpful except when we're in a quiet restaurant or store and she looks at me all concerned and all I, and everyone can hear is her say, "pooooop". 

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