Saturday, April 26, 2014

16 Months?!?!

LOOK AT THAT SMILE!  Today was a busy day with Crafty Supermarket.  It's hard to believe that this was our 10th show but it's even crazier to me that another month has past with Polly.  The show was a pretty big success and the day started with Polly's 16th photo shoot which is a pretty good way to start the day.  What a month it has been, here are some highlights...
  • Three days ago she mastered the spoon.  She's mostly used a spoon as an accidental slingshot or picking up the food, placing it on the spoon, and then putting it to her mouth only to drop it into her lap.  This makes a simple meal take FOREVER.  Then, the other night she just made it work.  Maybe it was the delicious mac & cheese from a box that I made her (parent of the year I know but it was ORGANIC) or maybe she really is more human and less animal everyday.  
  • We officially have a word in our house that we have to spell out in fear that she will hear us and lose her shit.  That word is BUBBLES.  This girl loves some bubbles.  She will only tolerate a second of me blowing bubbles until she has to be in control of the bubbles.  Where does she get THAT?  Not me obviously (guilty face).  The sad thing of it is, she's terrible at blowing bubbles but she wants to have control so badly that it doesn't matter.  She also calls all of the dust particles that you see blowing around in the air when the sun shines in the window, bubbles.  Same concept of floating but more gross.  
  • Being a parent is hard.  I'm tired in a way I never knew possible.  After a long day of awesome Crafty Supermarket fun I wanted to go hang out with friends late into the night, laugh, and have several adult beverages but I know I need to get in bed so I'm ready to chase her tomorrow.  The thing of it is though, tomorrow I get to giggle a TON, fly a kit, swing on a swing, eat snacks, have a dance party and most of that will probably happen before noon.  So yeah, I miss the way things used to be and I'm tired but this is fun as hell.  
  • I'm still totally aware that I'm very lucky.  I try not to forget it for a second.  

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