Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15 Months

This week marks a year since I returned to work after Polly arrived.  What a crazy year and she looks like a little kid in this picture, not a baby.  Making it to this point feels like a huge accomplishment while juggling adjusting to motherhood, taking on new responsibilities at work, and running a store and indie craft show on the side.

This year has been a year of choices, many of which center around Polly and thinking about what type of mom I want to be, what I want Polly to know of me as a woman and the type of people I want her to be surrounded by each day.  Many of these thoughts have led me to giving up one of those things that I've been juggling, my store Fabricate.  It was a hard choice but it's led to me rediscovering weekends, friends, family, and any day now...making art.  Polly has already gotten to spend more time with friends and family which has been awesome.  It's also given me even more time with Polly which is a huge bonus all around.  Here are a few highlights from this last month:
  • My husband traveled some this month and when he left, he left us with a great present called the stomach flu.  I thought maybe he had food poisoning from eating on the road but nooooooo.  Polly luckily didn't get it but it took me out and then a few days later it took out Beth, the awesome babysitter.   There were tears, a pathetic call to my mom just for pity, and a moment on my living room floor where I just laid there while Polly ran circles around me and I just kept thinking over and over again, "I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ADULT TODAY."  It was one of those illnesses where you feel like a whole new person when the fog is lifted.  
  • I hear my tone in Polly's voice when she says words a certain way and it terrifies me!
  • Polly officially has a favorite stuffed animal which is pictured above!  It's so cute how she loves him/her and gives kisses.  At night she gets SO excited to get in bed with her BEA!  That's how she says bear and it's so cute.  Half the time she also calls it a baby too.  
  • She's sleeping through the night.  Yes, it's taken this long.  I'm even a little afraid of typing that here in fear that she might stop tonight.  I feel like a new person with a full night of sleep.  I've even started remembering my weird dreams.  Last night I was pregnant and it was a boy (who had a giant penis in the sonogram which made dream Ben proud).  I woke up thinking, NO I JUST STARTED SLEEPING!
  • She thinks all of the things that she's not allowed to touch are called no no.  She doesn't exactly respond to no(at least not all of the time) but she does know all of the things in the house that are called no no like the record player, the records, electric outlets, and cats.  She approaches them and says no in question form like, "no, no?"  She then looks at you and touches them anyways. 
  • She still likes peeing without her diaper on in the few seconds of freedom before bath time.  Rebel.   


Kate said...

She is a cutie pie and a stinker, though peeing in the wind is a nice sensation.

Cindy Treacy said...

This is such a great blog. I can relate so much because of Pearl. I hear MY mom in some of the things I say to her, which is equally terrifying :). Polly is a beauty with what sounds like quite a personality. Can't wait for our play date at Putz's.