Wednesday, February 26, 2014

14 Months

Just look at the difference a year makes.  It's impossible to describe.  Each month I think, oh she doesn't seem that different from last month and then I look at the pictures side by side and she looks totally different.  Then I think of all of the little things that have happened in this quick month and then this quick year and I just want to put on the breaks but there are none!  Here are a few notes about this month:

  • This is the first month where Polly climbed into her chair all on her own to have her monthly picture taken.  All I had to say was "Polly, go get in your chair."  It's amazing what she understands.
  • I think there are an infinite number of ways that parents can influence their kids and then there are things about your kid that are just the way they are.  She already has her way of doing things and it cracks me up to see her inserting her opinion and way into our lives.  Here I thought I was in charge but I truly know that isn't the case.
  • She's a climber.  It started with her rocking chair and then moved to the couch. Her most favorite thing is to get into her rocking chair, stand in it and rock back and forth while looking at us and laughing.  She knows it drives me crazy!!!  My mother wished this on me I'm sure.  
  • She gives kisses!  This is the best.  Sometimes it's still her entire open mouth on the side of your face but just today when we ask her for a kiss she turns to give one.  It's the sweetest thing.  
  • She pretends to talk on the phone.  It's hilarious that a tiny person who can hardly talk can pick up almost any object, put it up to her head and pretend it's a phone and say, "Hi!"  It's too cute to handle.  
  • No matter how many times I get tiny person poop on me, I never handle it like an adult.  One night we were letting her run around before bath time naked because she loves it so.  She had just eaten chili so she was a pretty big mess.  She had been let loose for about 30 seconds when she had already peed and pooped on the floor.  Not realizing what had just happened I naively asked, "what is she picking up?" but as the question was coming out of my mouth I realized what it was.  There Ben and I are both yelling over one another various forms of, "GROSS", "hold her arms", "NO! IT'S ON ME!!", "I hope that's chili!!!", "What do we do?!?!".  It was madness.  You couldn't see where the poop ended and the chili began.  We survived but we are forever changed.  

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