Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jessica Scarf

This is the project that I refered to a long time ago but could not show because it was a gift for my dear co-worker and friend Jessica. Her last day was yesterday and I completed this scarf made from yarn that she had admired at work which I then stole and crafted this scarf for her. Don't worry, I have since replaced the stolen yarn with a rougher yarn more suited for string for name tags. This yarn was to soft and awesome to die that way. I unfortunately procrastinated on taking pictures until I put a pretty bow around it. Then I didn't check the picture quality until the scarf was given away. That is how you get these blurry dull pictures. Sorry I suck at this. My spell check won't work. I'm in a really bad mood.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I found my sketchbook and I like flowers!

I've been missing my sketchbook for a while now, mostly because I've been neglecting it and it was misplaced. It was funny to open it and discover sketches that I had forgotten about. These were done in May while I was in South Carolina visiting my sister. I had some quiet evenings to myself after everyone had gone to bed and that gave me a chance to get back into my journal for a bit. The first one is a is a sketch of my suitcase.
This sketch is a self-portrait. My sketchbook has gotten smaller since I've tried to make it more portable. I used to always have an 81/2 by 11 sketch book but it just wasn't' fitting into my life anymore. The smaller sketchbook is good for writing but not so much for drawing until I started opening it up all the way and drawing across both pages. It's really nice that way and it's a nice surprise to open a small sketchbook and find a big drawing. Anyways...enjoy, hopefully there will be more sketchbook entries to come. My sentence structure is much like a six year olds today. Sorry.
This has nothing to do with my sketchbook except for the fact that I took the picture because I was outside trying to get good lighting for the sketchbook photos. So yeah, this is what I wait for every year. This flower has the best color ever. My neighbor Cathy gets these Canna Lily bulbs for me every year to plant, mostly because I forget to dig them up and they freeze in the winter. The colors are so brilliant I can't even stand it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I've finished another dish towel, I'm sure you are all excited. I'm starting to grow tired of them but I only have one more to make and I'm on a mission! This one doesn't exactly fit my home decor so it will likely be a gift. It took me a while because I had to master the french knot.
For some reason it took me a while even though everyone says that they are SO easy. I could just hear those people mocking me with each knot that I had to cut out, but once I got the hang of it everything was magical. I didn't even have to call Kim. I see lots of dots in my future embroidery endeavors. I feel like I've got the hang of this embroidery stuff and I'm almost ready to abandon the Sublime Stitching patterns after the next cloth and create my own.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Two Down Two, Two To Go!

I just finished this towel a few days ago. It's yet another fun pattern from the Stitch-It Kit from Sublime Stitching. I have two more towels to finish! I don't really like coffee so it will probably end up being a Christmas gift. I'm feeling sort of bad for my friends and family because they are all getting something handmade this year.
I don't really like the way my pictures are turning out. I don't feel like I'm getting enough details...except the wrinkles seem to stand out just fine. Any advise? I even ironed.