Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

It's my moms birthday and in celebration I thought I would take some time to honor her with a photo tribute. Here are the top ten reasons why my mom is awesome.

Reason #1 She was a damn cute baby. She doesn't even look real. She is about 18 months old here, when I was 18 months old I looked like an old man.

Reason #2 She was also a really adorable teenager with helmet hair. I'm still amazed that that was actually a style and what is more amazing is that my grandmother still fixes her hair this way everyday.

Reason #3 She brought me into this world! This picture also contains Reason #4 She paid for my brother to get braces. There is a highway between his two teeth in this picture. Yikes!

Reason #5 She made me look all pretty for my preschool picture.

Reason #6 She also let me pick my own hair cut for my kindergarten picture. Yes, I remember requesting this one.

Reason #7 She exposed me to the Chippendale's at a very early age.

Reason #8 She didn't make fun of me for spending hours making my hair look like this. Sorry ozone! There is a hole in the environment in the shape of that hair! Nice windbreaker too.

Reason #9 She's HOTT and she passed that on to me.

Reason #10 She didn't kill me before graduating from high school, God knows she came close a few times and I deserved it.

Happy Birthday MOMMY!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Painting Pains

I decided that I would post this in progress painting in hope that by posting it, I will finish it soon for all of my adoring fans. Unfortunately there are about two people who read my blog. I should be posting the project that I finished last night but it is a gift for a friend so I have to hold off. Back to the painting. It has been a chore. I don't usually construct paintings this way so it's been like a giant puzzle. I've been painting each shape, cutting it out then gluing it to the surface of the painting. This has caused me to have to construct the painting from the top down starting with the top mountain as the bottom layer. It's making the painting have a different sort of depth but it's more like I've painted it in my mind now I'm just executing it which is sort of a difficult way to paint. It has, however, just dawned on me that it is much like all of the other projects that I've been up to where you have a pattern that you work from. Anyways, the girl will have to go on last. You can see her basic shape because I drew it all out to get an idea of where everything should be. The colors in the photo are much duller then in real life. When I'm finished I will do a much better job and get a few close ups.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Character, my blanket has character...

Last night I finally finished the blanket that I've been working on. It was going to be a gift for my sister but it turned out to have many, many issues. There is no straight edge where the squares line up on the outside, several holes here and there, and then there is one square where I ran out of yarn but the new yarn dye didn't quite match up. Some would say that it has a lot of character. I guess it was a good learning experience. It now lives here on the back of the couch under this painting that I painted 3 years ago.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Veins, Bad Flowers

This picture was taken at WOXY when Bad Veins did their Lounge Act. I think it shows off the flowers that I painted quite well. See, my fine arts degree is coming in handy.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Embroidery IS oooohhhhhh!

This is my very first embroidery project. I ordered a kit from Sublime Stitching and it was a grueling three day wait to receive it. I could hardly wait after seeing the cool projects that my friend Kim had completed. I was really impressed with the little kit that I received and it came with a bunch of transfers that you can use multipule times! This dish towel is happily hanging in my kitchen now. I'm hoping to someday emboider one of my paintings, but for now I have a three dish towels to complete.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Babies Are Small!

This is my very first COMPLETED knitting project. I quickly developed knitting attention deficit disorder and I currently have 3 projects in the works which include two scarves and a blanket. I guess I really didn't know how small babies are because the hat turned out to be way too big. Hopefully little Carly can wear it when she is 4 years old and hopefully it doesn't scar her childhood. I could never really decide if it was cute or ugly.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Beginning...sort of

I thought that maybe I'd start with a little background post before I delve into my new projects. Then I started thinking what better place to start then seventh grade. This is a painting that I did way back then in watercolor. I've kept in touch with my middle school art teacher all these years and during my last visit home to South Carolina in May I went to visit her. She had told me over the phone that she still had this landscape that I painted and that she STILL uses it as an example. Honestly I didn't remember painting a landscape, since I presently sort of hate landscape painting, but when I finally saw it I completely remembered painting it! This art teacher was the person that doomed me to a life of wanting to create things and for this I have her to thank.

I also would like to save you now from writing me and telling me that I'm terrible at spelling and grammer. I know. Don't judge.