Saturday, July 29, 2017

Callie Turns 1!

When I was in labor with Callie the only thing that I could concentrate on between pushing and contractions was the fact that after we made it through, I never had to do this again. Women are crazy awesome and somehow a quick year later I think, that wasn't so bad, look how cute she is! Today my little baby turned 1! This has been the quickest year of my life and I totally said that on Polly's first birthday but time MUST be speeding up or we are time traveling. Here are some highlights from this month.

  • We have a walker and it sure is tiring. Callie likes being in charge and the biggest crime you can commit is putting the baby gate on the playroom door. She's been walking for maybe 2-3 weeks and she hasn't stopped moving since. 
  • Last weekend we put shoes on Callie for the first time because we were going to a park and we figured she'd want to run around a bit. Then every day this week as we get ready to head out the door in the morning she's brought her shoes over to the step where we usually put Polly's shoes on. She thinks she's so grown up with her little tiny, tiny shoes! Most of the babies in her class don't wear shoes to school but she's not having it.
  • Callie still only has two teeth. TWO. 
  • Polly has pooped in the tub once in her entire life. Callie has pooped in the tub twice this week. I think we may have tub pooper on our hands! On a positive note Polly has never been so quick to get out of the bath, a process that usually takes FOREVER is sped up by some unexpected floaters. I found myself shouting, "that's not a bath toy!!!". Parenting is yuck sometimes y'all. 
  • Instead of saying today, Polly says, "on this day". It sounds super fancy in my mind and I want to start saying it myself. Give it a try, you'll feel fancy too. On this day, we are going to a party. 
  • Polly had a doctor's appointment this week so we went to skyline for lunch just the two of us before her appointment. She is a person that I can go to lunch and have a conversation with. It's blowing my mind. 
  • The other night Polly and I were talking about all of the different things she could be when she grows up. I listed scientist, doctor, engineer, writer, inventor and a few others and her eyes got big and she said, "I know! (I'm thinking YES she wants to be one of the thing that I listed) I can be a ballerina, the prettiest ballerina!" You can imagine that then we talked about how being the prettiest isn't the most important thing, you have to work hard and be a good person. We also covered that you can be more then one thing when you grow up. She then landed on being a painter, scientist and ballerina, oh and a Girl Scout. She leaves me speechless so often. I can't tell if I'm doing this parenting thing right but I'm trying real hard over here.
  • Callie wants whatever you are eating. Today we had a little party for her in our back yard. The weather was perfect! Polly was eating and all of a sudden Callie runs by and snatches a piece of bread off of her plate and runs! 
  • Callie is saying mama and dada but nothing much else. She babbles all the time and has her way of letting you know what she wants when she wants it. 
  • If a song comes on, Callie will dance. Always. The other day Polly started singing a song and Callie started dancing and it was the cutest thing ever. 
  • Polly always says that Callie is the cutest baby ever. I can't disagree. She is the smiliest, happiest little person and a very dangerous last baby to have. 

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