Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Babes

This month actually felt long in a good way. We didn't have too much sickness, of course someone always has a runny nose but we sort of come to expect that at this point. We've had lots of outside time and the sun is setting at that magical hour where I get a solo walk alone after getting the kids to bed. It's life altering. Here are some highlights from this month:

  • My kids take forever to get teeth. Callie seems to have two about to pop out of the bottom front but they are still below the surface. With Polly, I remember beginning to worry that they may never come. I just laugh at EVERYONE over the last 6 months that keep saying, oh she must be teething...nope. 
  • Polly has definitely hit that phase where she has ZERO filter. One night she looked at me and said, "Mommy, your belly is getting fat again. Are you going to have another baby?" It was cute when that happened and I DID have a baby in my belly when Callie was still a secret, this time around, not so cute. I let her know that no there was no baby in my belly. She was sad, she says she wants another. Unfortunately she'd have to get a job in order for that to happen!
  • Callie wants to walk SO badly. She still can't figure it out on her own but she makes me make the laps with her little hands wrapped around my fingers. My grandmother used to tell me she spent hours walking me around the house when I was a baby. I love it when my kids make her creep into my memory. She would have loved these girls so much. 
  • Callie is saying sounds that sound like mama and dada but that's about it. She can definitely let you know what she wants through. 
  • Sleep is magical and Callie has consistently let me sleep this month! She wakes up once a night if at all. I hope typing these words doesn't change that...she literally just started crying. Not funny world! Ok she stopped. 
  • Backseat driver says in a judgmental, inquisitive tone "mom that light was red when you drove under it, why did you do that?
  • Polly is definitely testing her boundaries these days. Her will is strong and she is experimenting with trying our patience daily. It's hard to know if we are handling every situation the right way and I have to admit sometimes I see other kids misbehaving and I think, "oh good, it's not just my kid!" 
  • Ben and I are always talking about the strange balance of parenting where some nights bedtime can't come fast enough when both kids are difficult but then we miss them when they are sleeping. 
  • This weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of the wedding party of one of my best gals as she walked down the aisle. There is something about these special occasions that make me reflect on time and how people come and go from your life. I couldn't help but watch the couple's parents and picture what the future holds for my girls while loving and hating the idea that one day they are going to leave us. Ben and I also got some time together without kids which was nice but then we also found ourselves wanting to be home all together again. Life is really bitter and sweet, long and short, happy and sad. It's all hard to understand really and we spend our whole lives trying to. 
  • I still feel lucky everyday. 

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Fawad Ahmed said...

I have a daughter who has turned 1.5 years old.. I can totally relate to what its like to see your child from first be able to crawl, then to sit and then walk with no support.