Saturday, June 27, 2015


What a day.  Today the Supreme Court ruled that it is legal for all Americans, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, to marry people that they love.  Driving to work this morning I was listening to NPR before the decision and thinking about the funerals in Charleston and my little girl Polly growing up in this confusing world.  I have to say I was feeling pretty down about all of it.  It made me want to listen to Why? performed by Nina Simone.  I've had her album, 'Nuff Said! for years and this song has always struck me but the words were particularly sharp today in light of the recent events.  It's painful that we have come so far but we are still struggling to love one another, be patient, empathetic, and tolerant of our differences in order to see all of our similarities.  THEN, I'm standing in line waiting for a sandwich and the news of the Supreme Court decision reached me and I couldn't help but cry thinking of so many friends and family members who maybe never thought this day would come.  There is hope!  If we keep pushing things can change!  My funny, curious little daughter will never know a time when marriage wasn't simply for people who LOVE.  We still have a lot of work to do but at least there is hope.

As if this weren't enough, here are a few highlights from this month:

  • Someone please tell me the secret to potty training.  Please.  PLEASE!
  • Being a working mom is hard.  Okay, being a mom is hard but this week Ben had a canceled flight so I had to work while trying to wrangle a 2 year old for part of the day on Wednesday.  Just when I thought I had it mastered, I was on a conference call when I heard her fall (she was supposed to be watching TV and eating her snack).  I go into the other room with my line muted only to find that she had slipped in her own pee.  She proceeded to skate around in it like she was Nancy Kerrigan as I tried to wrap up the conversation as I tried to contain the splashing.  I'm lucky to have an understanding boss and a enough sense to realize that while this was frustrating, it was also hilarious.  
  • Random funny things that she has said.
    • "Your arms look like hand sticks."  I love the way she breaks down the world around her.  My arms simply look like sticks that hold my hands.  
    • While watching a show she exclaims, "look mommy, she has a vacuum just like daddy!" I feel proud that she didn't say mommy then immediately felt defensive.  I use it too! 
    • She likes to yell, "what's going on here?!"  
  • A conversation with Polly:
    • Polly: Oh no! (touching her forehead with both hands looking worried)
    • Me: What's wrong?!
    • Polly: I lost my eyebrows! (I could tell she's worried...mostly because of her eyebrows)
    • Me, moving her hands down to her eyebrows:  No, they are right there.
    • Polly:  Oh, there they are.  (goes on with her business)  
  • Some days when she wakes up I'm convinced she's taller and says more words than she did the day before.  
  • Sometimes I think she knows she's growing up too fast and she asks me to hold her like a little  baby.  I'm always happy to as I cling onto the tiny little bits of baby that are still left.  
  • She loves to paint and make music and that all makes me very happy.  

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