Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Almost 2.5

May was a really long month.  I traveled, Ben traveled and this girl grew and changed a ton at a speed that has me begging for time to slow down.  SLOW DOWN!  Look at her!  Her hair in little pigtails, she's wearing training pants and she went most of yesterday and today using the potty.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? Here are a few highlights from this month.

  • She picked out the sandals that she's wearing in the picture above.  She wanted the ones with sprinkles.  
  • She FINALLY let me put her hair in pigtails.  I know I've already mentioned this above but it's a pretty big deal.  She loved to rip them out as soon as I got them in.  She refused hair bows or any kind hair restraint.  I sort of loved her rebellion and crazy hair but she looks so big and cute with her pigtails!  They also keep her from getting mad at the wind.  
  • She thinks it's funny to wipe off my kisses!  
  • I went to the grocery store the other day for beer and training pants.  They really should be sold together as a package deal.  Having a ticking pee time bomb on your hands is really stressful.  Why oh why did we buy a new couch with a toddler in the house?  
  • She can finally talk in a robot voice.  That's not on the doctor checklist of developmental milestones but it really should be.  Somehow she does a much better job of brushing her teeth when I talk in a robot voice.  
  • She likes for me to draw her pictures of bowls of mac & cheese.  That's normal right?  
  • Random things she's said this month:
    • "Every rocket needs an astronaut."  I'm sure this is from a TV show but it still sounded hilarious coming out of the mouth of a two year old.
    • While watching a movie about whales..."I used to be a whale." This one creeped me out for some reason and I'm pretty sure I would have remembered that.  
    • "I have hair like a lion, ROAR!"  It's pretty true really.  
  • Miss Beth, Polly's awesome sitter since she was three months old, is moving on to new work so Polly's last day there is Friday.  It makes me so sad but I know this is the first of many changes for Polly.  She will miss her best buddy Geoffrey though and I will miss all of the stories of their field trips and all of her outside time.  We have been very lucky to have such a loving situation for her for so long.  
  • I worry too much about everything.  You name it, I've worried about it.  I'm saying this to remind all of the awesome mamas out there to give yourself a break.  You're probably doing a great job, particularly if you are worrying about doing a great job.  At least that's what I tell myself.  
  • Polly has a really awesome dad.  

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