Monday, August 26, 2013

8 Months

These pictures are getting harder to take because she is in constant movement!  This is the least blurry one from today.  This time 8 months ago I was in a daze with a quiet tiny baby in my arms and today I'm exhausted from work and spending my evening chasing after this baby.  Here are a few thoughts from this last month before I collapse.

  • As you can see we are still sporting a headband because we still get quite a few "he's so cute".  My favorite from this weekend was, "he's da bomb!".  I just said in response, "he is the bomb!"
  • Baby proofing has been taken to a new level since Polly started crawling this month.  She went from crawling to pulling herself up on everything in the span of a week.  Just this weekend she crawled from the living room to the bedroom where I was getting ready, there is no hiding from her now!
  • She doesn't understand gravity.  I'm not sure when that happens but she seems to think that she can just leap out of my arms at whatever she wants on the floor.  It's a problem.
  • I love that she can reach out to be held now.  When she holds her arms up for me to get her, it's the best feeling.  
  • Her version of a kiss is putting her entire open mouth on your face.  
  • She can now chase the cats and even though they are still bigger than she is, they seem scared.  It's like they know what is coming.  
  • Ben and I are convinced that she can almost say the word duck.  She loves her pink and yellow rubber ducky.  It's the cutest thing ever when she get's so excited to see them.  The word duck also reminds me of another word that I need to edit out of my vocabulary very soon.  
  • She HATES going to sleep.  Nearly every nap and nighttime is the worst thing to ever happen to her.  
  • I need to stop reading perfect life blogs.  There are several blogs that I read regularly and it is very valuable to me as a new mom to hear stories from other women.  There are a few though that seem too perfect and I find myself stressing out about not being the perfect always there mom.  I realize that I'm the only person putting this pressure on myself and I need to STOP IT!  
  • I didn't watch the VMA's but I couldn't get away from Miley Cyrus today so let's just add her to the list of people that I hope my daughter does not choose as a role model.  Yikes.  Thank you MTV and Miley Cyrus for setting us back.  I don't mind sexiness or a woman pushing the envelope on entertainment but there has to be some talent in there somewhere.  


beki said...

8 months already? NO WAY!! She's a doll! Just wait, it keeps getting better and better :)

Alex Talks said...

i miss her.