Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6 Months!

This month seriously flew by and I forgot Polly's 6 month birthday several times today.  While it's been a really quick month I also feel like so much has happened.  Let's review!

  1. Props to single parents out there.  Not parents who are divorced and share custody but single, doing it yourself parents.  How do you do it?  Ben was out of town a lot over the last month and it was just the mom and Polly show around here and that was interesting for sure.
  2. I will never wonder again, as I did in her first few weeks of life, how I would know if she is spitting up or throwing up.  I may have even called my doctor's hotline to ask.  Oh silly, naive me.  One ottoman and several loads of laundry later I now know that it's the volume.  Spitting up is sort of cute after experiencing it's evil cousin, throw up.   
  3. As you can tell Polly had the stomach flu which then meant that I had the stomach flu.  True love is holding your little girls while chanting to yourself, "mind over matter, mind over matter" as she get's sick all over you and you do all you can to keep dinner down.  All of this happened during my few weeks of single parenting.  
  4. Polly is eating real food!  So far we've only ventured into pureed bananas but she loves it and regularly takes the spoon out of my hand.  Carrots are the next adventure!  I learned after her first eating session that the bath must come after eating not before.  
  5. She is also sitting up.  When Ben got home, Polly was just chillin' in the living room sitting on her own.  I think this time next month she will be on the move for sure.  We are not ready!!!  
  6. She is completely aware of the cats now.  She laughs when she sees them and babbles to them like they are going to talk back.  Those poor guys have no idea what's in store for them.  

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