Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Months Old

At this moment 5 months ago I was still soaking in my first few hours of being a mom.  She has changed so much between now and then it's sort of mind blowing.  As she grows and changes, she stretches and grows me too.  Here are a few highlights from this last month:

  1. We have a VERY gassy baby.  Since I don't have that much experience with babies to compare this to it could be all babies but I don't think it is.  She farts when she laughs, she farts when she coughs, she farts when she cries really hard.  She loves to wait for that moment on Saturdays when the store is quiet and the song on the radio is transitioning to the next song and there is one customer in the store.  It is then that she likes to have the loudest, gassiest poop of the week that requires a change of clothes.  That one customer can't exactly see this tiny baby nor do they know she is there so they just awkwardly look at me to the point where I have to point out the tiny baby.  They don't seem to believe me.  
  2. This month Polly has learned to roll over from back to front but hasn't mastered the front to back.  She's also sitting up nearly completely on her own.  It's amazing.  She babbles and talks constantly and will smile at anyone who smiles at her.  Some mornings she's too busy trying to talk to me to eat properly.  It's the best thing ever.  
  3. I'm amazed that there are women out there that successfully raise several kids.  Polly is the center of my world and brings so much joy but this is SO tiring.  Add in a full time job, a store, a semiannual indie craft fair and a husband that travels and it's all I can do to keep it all together.  Mothers of many babies out there, I salute you.  
  4. I'm struggling with being back to work and still breastfeeding.  Polly hasn't transitioned to longer space between feedings yet.  She still eats every two hours during the day which means I have to pump every two hours at work and that takes so much time way from a productive day.  I have to leave in the middle of meetings, schedule around it and every once in a while I just forget.   It's frustrating but this is so important so I keep on but I have to say I'm looking forward to solid foods and a diet that depends less on me.  I also just wish the U.S. had friendlier maternity support for women.   Between sleep deprivation and the constant interruption, I find it hard to keep up with my old self and I see why women who have the option to stay home often take it.  I don't have that option.  
  5. There should be a training for fathers about their role in Mother's Day.  Maybe it should be a pamphlet that they give you when you leave the hospital.  They need it.
  6. I feel so lucky to be Polly's mom.  

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