Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3 Months

Today has been a bittersweet day marked by Polly turning three months old and my return to work.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to work from home which was a nice transition and I have to say I had a much more productive day yesterday then I did today between running to pump every two hours and calling Ben to see if she was okay.  I'm sure it will get easier but tomorrow will be her first day with the sitter.  While I'm sure she will be fine and in good hands, I can't help but feel sad that we have to share her with someone else since time passes so fast these days.

Somehow we are at the three month mark!!!  Again this month I've learned so much...

  1. Just when you think your baby only poops once every other day and you're in the clear for another day and a half after a diaper change, she projectile poops at your mom's new house all over the carpet and vacuum.  Then smiles.  
  2. There is no limit to how cute your kid is to you.  It took Ben and I several rounds of elimination to pick the above photo out of dozens that we snapped this morning before I headed to work.  I'm curious how other parents manage photos in this age of smartphones and endless picture taking.  
  3. I get super irritated when people call her a handsome little man when she's wearing gender neutral clothing.  Now she doesn't leave the house without a bow that screams, "I'm a girl!" 
  4. There is also a side of me that has been excited about returning to life as regularly scheduled.  We've been on a baby vacation for the last 12 weeks and now this is our life.  While I'd love to have more time with her, I want my daughter to see her passionate, hardworking mama and papa in action so back to work I go.  Would I turn down 6 months to a year of maternity leave?  Hell no I wouldn't.  
  5. Every parent and child is different.  People can give you all of the advice in the world and you can compare war stories with other parents but nothing quite measures up to what you and your baby have going on.  It's so hard not to constantly stress about doing it all right but I figure if you're stressed about that at all, you're probably doing something right.  
  6. I feel so sad when I get in my car and look in the rearview mirror into her little mirror and don't see her little face.  It's hard traveling without my new sidekick.  
  7. There are 100% less cat photos in our lives unless they are wearing some baby accessory.  Poor, poor cats. 
  8. Polly falls asleep in her own crib at night and I move her to the crib in our room because I'm the one not ready for her to go.  

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