Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pauline Eleanor Davis

It's taken me two weeks to get to this post.  There is too much to say but there are no words for most of it so I'll write what I can.  Two weeks ago today we headed to the hospital.  I have to say that I was more afraid and apprehensive then I was excited.  I've never had surgery and the only scar I have is on the heal of my foot from getting it closed in a door while not wearing shoes when I was a kid.  I was worried that I wouldn't get much time with her in the first few hours because of my own recovery.  Now that I think of it, I can't even list all of the things that I was afraid of.

It was snowing for the first time this year and it made me laugh that this stubborn girl facing the wrong way was coming via c-section on a snowy day.  None of which was a part of my plan for her world debut.

We snapped this picture before heading to the hospital and hit the road.  Meri met us there after we got settled and I was pretty quiet because I was dreading the knife but a two short hours later she was here. They held her up and she was blue as they whisked her away for a short minute to the other side of the room.  I heard her cry and it was the best sound I'd ever heard in my whole life.  Ben snapped this picture of her and brought it to me to confirm that perhaps yes, Polly has my big mouth.

He held her close to me as they put me back together.  The control freak in me hated being so helpless on that table but that all melted away as she settled into her dad's arms.  She seemed so content and he seemed to fall into the role of dad so naturally.

That first night I didn't sleep, I just watch her all night which I did later regret as the exhaustion set in.

I was in the hospital for four days and three nights but once I got home, the recovery has been much better than my worst fears had imagined after a major abdominal surgery.  My sister, mom, and nephew were a big help for a few days when we got home and then we were on our own.  My nephew was so shy about her and then he wanted to take her home with him.

All was fine until Ben got sick and the role of mom really hit me with the true realization that everything is different.  My time, our house, our routines, and everything are all rearranged.  It is wonderful but it's also really scary and honestly it's hard.  During the late nights of feeding every two hours it helps that she's so dang cute to get me through it.

Here we are today!  I have on normal clothes, underwear, and I even left the house for ten long minutes to run to fabricate.  It still doesn't feel real that she's here.  This is one of those crazy times in life when you are completely aware of the fact that your life is changed forever and you are absolutely lucky.


Alex said...

thanks for sharing, chris. i love today's photograph and i can't wait to meet her.

tweeder said...

Awesome post. It brought memories of (almost) 4 years ago back to me. Everything IS different, in the most magical, difficult, worthwhile way possible. Then everything changes a little each year to keep you on your toes. I can't wait to see her one of these days. Let us know if you ever need anything at all.

tweeder said...

Oh that was me, Tim-up-the-street BTW.

beki said...

Congratulations! SHe's beautiful!! Yes, your life is changed forever, but in the most wonderful way :)

jcsmith said...

She is truly beautiful!