Saturday, January 26, 2013

1 Month Old

Polly is no longer a newborn and it has happened so quickly.  Today marks one month which is so hard to believe in some ways but then again it feels like she's always been here.  I can't imagine not having her in our lives now that she's taken over.  I feel like I've learned so much about myself and parenting in this short time and it's overwhelming to think that this is just a sliver of what is to come but here's what what I've got so far:

  1. The world is a much scarier place once there is a tiny person in your life that you love and are responsible for.  Every stranger is a kidnapper, every car is driving TOO FAST, and every puddle in the street must be black ice which requires you to drive no faster than 10 below the speed limit which is about 30 miles slower than I normally drive.  
  2. Watching my husband be a father is the hottest thing I've ever seen.
  3. Being pooped, peed and puked on is no big deal when the offender is so dang cute and smiles while doing it.  
  4. You instantly feel guilty about how annoyed you have always been at how paranoid and over protective your own mother has been but you'd only admit that in a blog post and continue to be annoyed.  :)  Love you mom.  
  5. When your baby starts peeing without a diaper on for the first time, the solution is NOT to catch it with your hand.  
  6. Babies love pooping in a fresh diaper.  
  7. The scars from delivery are so worth the result and I'd do it all again tomorrow if I could.  
  8. Breastfeeding was more painful than any part of my csection but that goes away and that time with her is so precious in a way I could have never imagined before.  
  9. I cry already thinking about her getting married one day and having kids of her own.  
  10. You really do lose all modesty when a 12 year old looking nurse helps you use the restroom for the first time after delivery and sees you in all of your glory.  
  11. You realize that your cats are actually giant wild animals when you get home and see that they out weigh your baby two times each and if they touched one hair on her head, they'ed be outside SO fast.  
That's all for now.  More to come on this fun adventure.  Thanks Steph for the onesies to mark each month!  

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