Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Girls

Okay, I thought time moved fast when Polly was a baby but add in another kid and it's moving even faster. Somehow I only have three weeks of maternity leave left and while I miss my work, I still need more time to figure this all out. Callie seems way too small to leave in three weeks but luckily she'll be home with daddy until the new year and I'll have time to figure out how to work and pump and mother two babes. While this month was quick, there's lots to tell.

  • As I mentioned last month, Callie did not latch so I've been pumping and bottle-feeding. I was miserable about this direction but we have settled into a groove and I feel like I can see this working fine. It's also helped to talk to other mamas about their experiences. It does keep me close to home since I haven't ventured into pumping in the car or while we are out but hopefully I'll feel bold enough to do that soon. My boobs finally feel happy instead of feeling like every nerve in my body is connected there. There is hope ladies! 
  • A recent conversation with Polly: 
    • Polly: Next time I want to wear my dress and I'll be even more beautiful.
    • Me: That's nice.  Do you know what makes you truly beautiful?
    • Polly: What?
    • Me: Being kind to people.
    • Polly (quickly and definitively): Nope!
  • We watched the new Jungle Book movie the other night and I realized that she thinks that Mowgli is a girl and I love that so much.
  • We decided to make a list of the ridiculous things we find ourselves saying to Polly. Here is a sample:
    • Please don't lick me.
    • Please don't bite my shoe.
    • Please don't lick the water off of the floor.
    • Don't rub dads toothbrush on the couch!
    • Don't lick the table.
    • Don't chew on the cup lid.
    • Don't lick the chair.
    • Don't put your feet on the table.
    • Don't wave your naked butt at house guests.
  • Polly while listening to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, "This is a good shaking my butt song."
  • Polly still loves her little sister. 
  • Polly refers to her memories as living in her heart like, "Mom, I remember when we went to the zoo in my heart." It makes things seem so sweet that way.
  • Callie wakes up once a night to eat and it's beautiful. I'm actually getting rest and if this keeps up I may be a whole person when I go back to work. I survived on cuteness alone that first year with Polly. 
  • I really do love this new little lady so much. It's amazing how my heart grows and grows for both of them. It is exhausting with two particularly with Polly in the phase where she NEVER stops talking. It's like she runs on batteries. At night I think she literally falls asleep talking when her batteries run out and then wakes up talking when she's powered back up. 
  • I could have sworn that Callie hasn't grown that much in the last month but looking at her pictures side by side it's crazy to see her little personality emerging. SLOW DOWN TIME!!!

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