Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Your Belly is Getting So BIG!

This picture. This morning I told her that it was picture day and she picked up two pair of glasses and asked, "can I wear these?".  I'm wondering how that's going to work with her wearing two pair but I said sure. Of course one pair was for bear, of course.

This month felt long yet I didn't scribble as many funny Polly notes because I'm tired!  Here are some highlights:

  • I'm still pregnant. I was a little too hopeful last month thinking my last post could have been the last before the baby but this baby has her own plans.  My due date is still 4 days away but...
  • Polly is very quick to point out with wide eyes, "Your belly is getting so BIG!"
  • She asked who the baby got in there while we were at the store the other day. I simply said, "It grew in there." and that seemed to be enough.  Now I'm just waiting for her to ask how it gets out.  
  • Polly still hasn't mastered the potty.  She does pretty well but I think some of this is her choosing but it's hard to know.  I'm not really sure how many accidents are to be expected but we (I mean Ben) wash a lot of laundry.  I'm wondering if I'm going to end up with two stubborn girls. I guess I'm okay with that as long as that translates to stubbornly standing up for their values, stubbornly fighting against discrimination and hate, and stubbornly loving people who try to oppose them.  
  • Conversation between Ben and Polly while talking about rhyming words:
    • Polly: What rhymes with mommy?
    • Ben with no hesitation: Salami  (thanks dude)
  • At night when I tuck Polly into bed I lay down with her for a few minutes to talk about the day after reading a book. Tonight she was not a good listener before bedtime so we talked about that:
    • Me: Polly, daddy and I need you to try to be a better listener okay.  
    • Polly: Okay, mother.
    • Me: We don't like having to fuss at you and put you in timeout.  We'd rather play.
    • Polly: Okay.
    • Me: You know we both love you very much.
    • Polly: (sweetly) I know you do.  (this made my heart explode, she knows we do!)
  • Above she said, "okay mother" I'm not sure where that comes from but when I have to fuss at her or tell her to do something she switches from mom or mommy to mother.  It makes me laugh each time.  She can lay on the drama. 
  • I'm still pregnant.  

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