Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three years

Today marks three years since we found out that a tiny human was coming to live with us for a while.  I've read a lot of mommy blogs about this change and I don't find myself to be a part of the camp that feels like I found out who I was when I became a mom or that I found myself when I became a mom.  I also can't really say that I even know what those two statements really mean to be honest.  I do think that having a daughter has made me less afraid to share my feelings and be more vulnerable to love and affection of others.  It's made me want to be a stronger woman and a good role model for her.  It's made me want to try even more things that are hard or that I'm afraid of because I want her to do the same.  It's made me value my relationships more for reasons that I don't really understand yet.  Maybe it's that I see my own mortality in her youth.  Tonight I was driving home from an event, thinking about what a difference three years can make and this song struck me a bit.  She made me love more.  

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