Thursday, February 26, 2015

26 Months or something

Polly is basically an adult now.  We took this picture tonight instead of our usual morning pic.  We were too busy playing with some new Legos this morning.  Best toy ever.  We have full conversations and she doesn't forget a thing which makes navigating conversations and life around her interesting for sure.  Here are a few highlights.
  • I mindlessly watched this video on Facebook this week while Polly played with Legos.  It seemed harmless enough, a German guy doing a cover of an LL Cool J song with his parents. Polly came and sat down to join me for the last half.  It made me laugh and then I went on my way.  Later on I can hear her saying in the kitchen, "mama said knock you out" clear as day with a slight German accent.  Ben had lots of questions.  I forgot to warn the babysitter but it hasn't come up.  
  • Weeks after visiting my best friends house we go for another visit.  Polly walks in and immediately asks for goldfish crackers which she had last time she was there and then asked where their television went.  I didn't even notice that they had moved it but she did.  
  • Potty training is still going slow.  SO slow.  I haven't spent this much time sitting on the bathroom floor next to the toilet since I turned 21.  
  • She randomly asked a woman in the grocery store, "how are you doing?" in a really concerned and genuine way. She also offered above mentioned BFF a sparkle water when she arrive at our house the other day.  I would say that she is polite but she will also quickly say, "don't touch me" and this morning as I was leaving for work she sternly said, "I don't love you!" as I walked out.  
  • She sings all the time.  I put her in bed an hour ago and she just randomly started singing the ABC's.  And now there is silence.
  • Her favorite music requests in the car right now are daddy songs, Bruno Mars, and Mark Ronson.  Sometimes she asks for "got da base" which translates to All About That Base.  I thought we were going to be better influences on her.
  • We still have nightly dance parties.  
  • She likes to look for school buses on the way to her sitter's house and it breaks my heart that some day she may have to get on one of those big scary things.
  • $90 in snow suits and she spent one whole minute in the snow.
  • She still calls our friend Matt, Map.  I may never correct her.  
  • Sometimes I watch her when she doesn't know I'm there and she's in her own little mind thinking her own little thoughts and I feel like my heart is going to explode.  

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