Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11 Months!

Look at that face!  She's becoming more person, less baby every day.  This has been one crazy month between work and Crafty Supermarket.  I'm so excited for the holiday season and some much needed family time.  Here are some highlights from this month:

  • I miss her a lot during the day but it's pretty manageable until I see another baby close to her age. 
  • Remember when I talked about the difference between spit up and throw up?  Well this month we learned the difference between throwing up at home and throwing up (three times at once) in public.  We are so sorry Skyline.  I also want to know where the immediate instinct to catch it with my hand comes from.  
  • Nothing is sadder than a sick baby.  This month she had her first high fever and she was so pathetic and cuddly, it broke my heart.  
  • She already has tons of willpower which is terrifying since we are only eleven months into this.  When she doesn't want to go in her carseat she tightens her entire body, arches her back and yells.  It's hilarious and frustrating all at the same time.  Oh where does she get that?  
  • Ben and I regularly get in bed at 9 p.m. and we always wake up tired but that is quickly forgotten because she is always smiling in the morning and ready to go!
  • I'm so sentimental about this time last year as I was so nervous and excited to see her little face.  It's so hard to believe that she will be a year old in one quick month.  

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