Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Temporary Studio

I'm in Atlanta on day 1 of a four day conference on girl bullying. It's an interesting experience traveling alone, eating dinner in restaurants alone, coming "home" to an empty hotel room alone. Sometimes it's too easy for me to be this quiet and alone. I've set up a little "studio" for the next few days because I have a group show with PROJECTMILL coming up at Fabricate. With so much napping and thinking about baby these last few weeks I haven't gotten as far on the work as I should have so I packed a few things so I could work while I'm gone. I'm feeling a little mix of emotions tonight. While I'm gone Ben has started transforming my studio into the(I've struggled saying these words and keep calling it the spare room) baby room. My studio has been cleared, carpet ripped out, and there's no going back now. Not that I have worked there much in the last two years since the store opened, it was just a place that I knew would be there for me when it was time to make again. I guess I have something else to make now and hopefully this trip shows me that I don't need a room to make, just a desk, a window and some making supplies. All of that aside, I'm SO excited that the spare room will have a new occupant soon. So strange and exciting.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


13 week photo. I did just eat pizza for dinner but that can't account for the 95% of what's going on in my waistline. Yay for stretchy skirts! It's scary how huge I feel and this is only the beginning. P.S. I often get Salt & Pepa's Push It stuck in my head these days. I'm going to be a great mom.

13 Weeks and Counting

I've been a terrible blogger but I have lots of good excuses including the extreme exhaustion that is the 1st trimester of pregnancy! We knew that this was going to be the year we start thinking about a family but things progressed a little faster than we had anticipated. Apparently birth control is very effective because the minute I stopped taking that, this happened. This is me at 7 weeks. I think that slight bump is mostly a food baby. Currently I'm at 13 weeks and those pants have been retired along with many of my cute summer dresses which accommodate my growing belly just fine but not my growing boobs. There may have been a few tears over this matter. SO! This is hopefully the first post of many to come as we make way for another person in our home. December 28th isn't a date that I've ever really thought about but it crosses my mind a thousand times a day now. Will it be that day, will it be sooner, is this baby stubborn like me and make me wait longer? We will see.