Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crafty Supermarket Loot!

Crafty Supermarket was awesome yesterday! I can't believe we have another show under out belts. We had nearly 2,600 shoppers and while I thought I may not make it through the day, it was still the best day ever! This third trimester is catching up with me. I've been getting in bed a 8 when all I do is sit at my desk at work so setting up, vending, and breaking down a craft show was way too much for this pregnant body. Six more weeks or so to go. Ben, my pregnant belly photographer, gets home today so stay tuned for a bump update.

I did score some awesome loot at the show for my baby girl. I didn't buy one single thing for myself...or the list Christmas list. Whoops. Despite my extreme fatigue, I couldn't wait to get home and put the whale print in a frame! Here's who made each item:
Whale Print by Marcy Davy (All Things Grow)
Skirted Bear by LUVKT
Cat Onesie by Everyday Balloons
Wooden Elephant and Giraffe by Happy Bungalow 

These are the very first things I've bought for her. Crafty Supermarket has been a pregnancy benchmark for me since I found out I was pregnant right before the last show. I've been thinking for months that I just have to get through Crafty Supermarket, wrap up work, and then she's here. Oh my, time is moving so fast now. Today's to-do list: Get the house back into shape, unpack Fabricate, and hang out with Ben! Luckily my bf Meri is coming to the rescue to help unpack the store.


everyday balloons! said...

Thanks for the shout out and for organizing such an amazing show! Can't wait to see pics of her in her onesie. - Becki (1/2 of everyday balloons)

Alex said...

thanks for sharing, chris. i love today's photograph, and i can't wait to meet her.