Monday, August 13, 2012

This Guy

This is the man who pawned a few of the items stolen from my house and from my neighbors house. I wish I didn't know his face because now I see him in my neighborhood all the time, eating at Blue Jay, walking down the street, etc. Today I dropped of school supply donations to C.A.I.N from a Projectmill event that we did and he was getting ready to go in to the pantry. He obviously doesn't have much as do many of the people who need the services that C.A.I.N. offers. I sat there and watched him for a while waiting for him to get off the phone. I've had it in my mind that I would feel better if I just told him that he's hurt someone and that we aren't just sitting around with too many things that we won't miss if he, or someone he knows takes them. I walked up to him, asked him if his name was Edward and he said yes. I introduced myself and shook his hand. Then I told him (calmly in a kind voice) that my house was broken into in January and that he pawned some of the items from my house but one missing item was my grandmother's necklace. He immediately said he found the rings in the park which is so strange because my neighbors house was broken into two weeks or more before ours and he pawned those items too but ours were pawned four hours after our house was broken into. He said you people need to get this straight. I didn't break into anyones house. This part I actually believe. He's sort of a feeble old man I at 5 months pregnant could have kicked his ass there on the street so I can't see him climbing into windows but he knows someone who did break into our house. He probably knows what happened to my grandmothers necklace. I told him that I hope that he got everything he needed from selling my stuff and I just wanted him to know that someone was hurt because of him and that I have a daughter on the way that I wish I could give that necklace to. Then I walked away. Got in my car and cried all the way home. I don't feel better but maybe I know I did everything I could to get back her necklace and now it's just somewhere else forever.

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Matt Mooney said...

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to say that I commend you for doing all you can. It actually took a lions share of guts to confront the man and it's a real bummer that he wouldn't come clean. It's such a heart breaking story from all angles.

Congrats on the forth-coming bundle. Please, pass those on to Ben as well.

Sorry if this is weird as I know we don't really know each other well, but I had been following your blog and reading about the necklace and just wanted to say a collective "I'm sorry" for crummy people.

Matt Mooney