Friday, January 6, 2012


Today has been a day. I came home stating that maybe this was one of the worst days of work that's I've ever had only to realize that someone had been in my house and gone through this jewelry box that has nothing but Girl Scout pins and bad Target jewelry. They had ripped open my wedding ring box that had nothing in it and left our computers, televisions and everything else in their proper place. I figured we'd made it out of a robbery lucky to be safe and nothing missing. I called the police to file a report and then headed to get ready to go out for the night when I thought of my grandmothers diamond necklace. I've kept it in my dresser drawer for years until I wore it on my wedding day.

I went to my dresser drawer and it's gone. I can't remember if I've ever written about her on this blog and I don't have the energy to look but she was like a third parent. I grew up in the same house that she raised my father in (the handsome guy pictured below) and she was a part of my everyday until I was 13 years old. I remember going into her bathroom and seeing the necklace hanging there and she would tell me that it would be mine one day. A few weeks before she died she wanted me to go take it. I did and I kept it put away in a safe place.

As a high school graduation present my mom got me a new chain for it and I wore it for a while but I grew worried that I would lose it so I put it away. Now it's gone. I remember putting it on the day Ben and I got married. My friend Lauren was standing in my room with me and I nearly lost it when I put it on and yelled at her not to cry or look at me!!! It was the last touch and my way to have her there. I thought of the day that I might pass that necklace on to a daughter or maybe a flamboyant son. Now it's gone. I'm so mad at myself for not putting it some place safer.

I'm sorry Pauline.

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Kara said...

This makes me so sad. I'm sorry.:(