Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Blog Challenge!!!

To mark my three year bloggerversary I came up with a new challenge.
I'm going to listen to my record collection from start to finish and
write about! Some of the records are mine and some are Ben's. There
are a lot that I've never listened to and a ton I haven't heard in a
while. I have no time limit but I'm going to try to stick to one a
day. I started last night and discovered we have not one, not two,
but three 4 Seasons records. I listened to all of them and they
reminded me of growing up in South Carolina listening to oldies
stations all of the time with my best friend Sarah. Excited to see
what's next!

1 comment:

Lewis said...

I like the pictures of the albums as well. Especially for these older ones. Robbing an armored truck makes for a good cover.