Saturday, July 18, 2009

Georgia on My Mind

I just returned from Albany, Georgia. My last living grandparent, Nanny, passed away early Tuesday morning. It's sort of lonely knowing that there is a generation of my immediate family that is gone. She was the oldest of 9 children so I got to see a lot of family that I either don't remember or have never met. It's interesting to see familiarity in their eyes because each one of them had some trait of Nanny, my mother, or aunt in them in some way. I was particularly sad to leave my sister and mom this morning because I realize that once day I will someday be the grieving daughter and sister. Watching my mom and aunt struggle this week was one of the more difficult things to experience. Though I live very far from both of my mom and sister I can't really imagine a world without them and hate to think of it but it's also times like these that make you want to hold them closer. We all left with promises to get together sooner and I will try to answer my phone more often when my mom calls. In my attempt to laugh in order not to cry I snapped this picture. Just say the first and last name aloud. Fanny Blewett. We had a good laugh at this one. No disrespect Fanny.

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Whosies said...

it took me a minute...too funny. now i got the giggles.