Sunday, April 26, 2009

BYOProject Day #2

Check out the second art/craft day! I'm wanting to get more people out but I think the small gathering is good so far. Here's what happened.

This is Julie, she is an awesome illustrator and she is also part of Project Mill. They came to work on their next DMF give away.

Kara was working on a birthday gift for her twin nieces. I will not spoil the surprise here in case they are big fans of the BP

Kim on the right was working on an awesome new quilt and Brooke was working on knitting some socks halfassed. I think she only picked up the needles for this photo opportunity.

This was my work station. I was working on a new 4x6 painting.


Alicia said...

I WANT TO BE THERE!! Maybe May, not June though, VBS starts that day.

Kara said...

So fun! I'm looking forward to the next one & this Milk place you speak of. :)

brooke t. higgins said...

HEY! So my knitting attempts were half-assed... but my quilting assistance was whole-assed!!!