Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's Alive!!!! (for now)

So Mr. Kitty, my fish, is still hanging in there. My coworker Stacey
did some investigating and found out that he must have over eaten
after he was starved while I was on vacation. This resulted in his
swim bladder having an issue. The interweb suggested feeding him the
inside of a shelled pea which acts as a laxative for fish. I was
growing concerned as the day drew on because I didn't see him eat any of the mashed pea but then Dr. Stacey spotted some
dropping under his desk! There is hope. I'll keep you posted.


Erin said...

Starved? Really? No mention of my care and concern for the fish? I thought he was having a growth spurt. Ben always eats 3 times as much when he's growing.

Margaret said...

Huh, well good luck and keep us posted!!

Kimmie said...

OH no! He starved? That makes me really sad....