Sunday, June 26, 2016

Officially 3.5

Well look at that big kid! This picture is freaking me out. First of all she cooperated without a bribe and she has developed a slightly fake yet adorable "I'm having my picture taken" smile. This month was loooooooong to say the least so maybe there was enough time for her to turn into a big kid in one month. Here are some highlights from this month:

  • First of all Polly developed pneumonia at the beginning of the month after having a cough for a long time. I had a very busy week at work and super dad was there all the way staying home and taking her to the doctor but she wasn't getting better.  I was up all night with her many nights and dad had day duty as I dragged my giant pregnant self to work. Pure will power got me through the week.   As a pending out of town work trip across the country drew nearer, this mama was losing her mind with guilt and worry. We booked another doctor appointment and Ben dropped me at the airport. I felt TERRIBLE about leaving my sick baby. As I'm boarding the plane I get the word that she's allergic to amoxicillin. We've been poisoning our child all week, great.  So, turn your phone to airplane mode and don't freak out during the four hour flight. OK. Two days later she was back to her normal self and I couldn't have been more relieved.  
  • A conversation with Polly
          Polly: Mommy, can I watch a movie?
          Me: Not right now
          Polly: (angry) Mommy!  When I ask to watch a movie, you say yes!

  • I'm still feeling super sentimental about these last few weeks with just Polly and I think she's feeling it too. Today she was very cuddly and told me she loved me a lot which is just too much for this pregnant mama's heart. 
  • Public service announcement: after a certain point in pregnancy, don't talk to women about their bodies. Saying, "you look like you are going to go any day now" when they still have 5 weeks left isn't helpful or "are you sure there aren't two in there?" 
  • This could be the last Polly post before the baby comes. At least that's what I'm hoping. I'm so swollen and I'm a few pounds away from having to cut a head hole in a bed sheet and wear that to work. Just in case, we snapped this pic today.  As you can see, my sausage fingers and feet are out of control.  I definitely didn't swell like this with Polly but this heat is out of control and that isn't helped by all of the sitting in meetings I'm doing these days at work since it's planning season.  So, if I'm still pregnant when I post next month, know it is accompanied by lots of tears.